About us

About us

Making it easier for Blender users to find the content they need

We started out as a single person, trying to give the Blender community an easy and affordable way to make super awesome terrain renders. That's when True-Terrain happened!

Now, we're more than person (2 full-time completely grown-up humans in-fact) trying to make all sorts of things accessible for the Blender community. This is where True-VFX comes in!

This website, was developed to give Blender users, an easy to use, ever growing library of content, designed solely for the purpose of just 'working' in Blender. Now, we know there are other CG asset sites out there, and texture sites, but we also know how annoying it can be, when you really want a texture set, and you find out the normal maps are Direct X only, or the roughness maps are the wrong way around, so your new material is all glossy and gross. 

We're the fix for all that! 

All our textures, are Blender compatible, meaning no messing with nodes to invert the roughness maps. No more, getting your normal maps in a photo editing suite to invert the green-channel. No more "why is my displacement map all blocky" (that happens when it's not a high enough bit-depth btw) and no more wishing for a model, or a scan, or a VDB file to just work right out the box. That what we're here for! 

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Instant results!

All our assets work right away inside Blender, no fiddling needed! 

We've designed and built all our assets to just work inside blender. All our textures are PBR ready, and work in Eevee and Cycles, Most of our models work in both, but are designed for Cycles first (procedural shaders don't wall work quickly in Eevee) and all our VDB files work, again, in both render engines!



300+ textures and materials

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180+ Models

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100+ OpenVDB files

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What Customers Says About Us

We want to help you, create the best work you can!

We know that it's annoying having to sign up to every site you want you get some assets from. That's why we offer a pay-and-go service, so if you don't want to sign up, just add things to your basket, pay, and go! 

However, we reward loyalty, so if you do sign up and join one of our plans, we make it cheaper for you, than picking a few textures, paying and leaving. We want you to keep coming back, and helping us be better, which in turn, will mean we can help you guys make better content.