About us

Why choose us

We're dedicated to bringing the best and most affordable content out, for Blender artists. 

We guarantee, the best customer support, and feedback channels, and can promise, we will always listen and strive to make our content better for you!

Best Prices

We offer the cheapest prices, against other leading asset sites out there.

Guaranteed support

We offer unrivalled customer support, from fast response times, huge library of tutorials, and top-tier documentation.


All the content we make, is made for Blender first. We promise, not a single asset won't work right away in Blender. All our materials are PBR, all our models are optimised, and all our VDB files are built for Blender

Experienced in Blender

We've got a cumulated 18 years of blender experience on hand, and have spent the last 3 years, working directly with Blender artists.

Growing community

We've got a cumulated 18 years of blender experience on hand, and have spent the last 3 years, working directly with Blender artists.

We don't cheap out!

We make sure, that we're using industry standard workflows, to make our products the best. We never use the cheapest option out there, we just use the best for what we need, no matter the cost, and we don't pass that cost on to you!

Back to basics

We know not everyone likes a subscription service

How many times, have you seen something advertised, with awesome content that you think "Wow, I could use that!" only to get there, and realise it's $$$ a month, and you can't just buy what you want, and leave? We're changing that!

  • Typical Subscriptions

    We offer 3 basic plans; makes it easy for people who need regular content

  • Credit packs

    For those that want to get a good deal on buying a bulk amount of assets

  • Pay-and-go

    For those that just need a thing or two, and don't want to tie themselves into any commitments!

Back to basics

What Customers Says About Us

How can we be cheaper than other asset sites?

Lifetime Subscription...

'Lifetime' subscription; What is it? Why do we offer it? How do we make money with that? all very good questions. 

The Lifetime subscription, is literally that; You pay us once, and never again, and FOREVER, you can access our site, and download as much content as you want, whenever you want, from any of our Textures, Models and VDB sections.

The reason we offer this is simple. It gives you, the chance to invest in us early, which will allow us to put money back into the site, by hiring new texture artists, or photogrammetry artists, equipment and infrastructure. You get a good deal, with a load of content to download right off the bat, and no risk to you. 

How we make money is also, really simple. We offer this only, twice a year, for 31 days. We increase the price, as our amount of content goes up, but at a rate that amounts to being still a great deal for the user, and each time we do this, we will hopefully make enough money from those sales, that we can rapidly invest back into increasing our content and services.

Keeping costs down!

We do a lot to make sure that we're not overcharging people. A big factor in this, is how much it actually costs us, to produce content.

A key factor in the pricing of other asset sites, is workforce. The bigger the workforce, the more money goes into them, means the more money needs to come from consumers, to fund that workforce. Another key factor, is 'Brick and Mortar' costs; this is the cost of actual buildings, for things like offices, needed to house the workforce. 

Well, we don't have a very big workforce. And for any work we do need to do, we decide on whether that work needs to be done by us, or whether we can freelance someone else to do the work. Need to build an addon? That's us; Need some photographs of textures from around the world? Freelance it. There's no valid reason (outside of travelling the world) that we need to charge you guys, the fees, associated with sending staff all over the world. 

We sell digital content, on a digital platform, for us on digital programs. So why invest in unnecessary analogue assets, like office spaces, travelling and whatever else. We all have a computer and access to the internet. May as well make use of it, and keep the cost to you down. 


We love what we do, we love the people we do it for, and we love the people we do it with. We're not here to make a quick-buck and run. We're in this for the long-haul, so we can be sure when we say, we promise to give you the best we can.

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